About Us

For the Love of The Ride 

The Story of Tiny Wave Co 

The Stoke. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve fully dropped in… That instant of pause at the bottom of the trough just before the wave explodes and you carve up the face. That moment lasts but a fraction of a second, yet it’s filled with infinite potential. You’ve matched the wave’s speed and merged with its energy. And then you lock your rail, look up at the lip, and set your line. And you know you’re in for an epic ride…. 

What happens next is out of this world - an experience unrivaled in most people’s dreams. But we are surfers, and this is our reality. 

It’s out of this feeling that the Tiny Wave Co was born. As New York surfers, we’re no strangers to tiny waves and inconsistent conditions. Summer flat spells are the general rule and big clean waves, the rare exception. But whether 2’ or 20’ we’re out there all the same - blissed out in every moment, for the love of the ride. 

Our modern society is filled with distractions. More money, more status, more social apps, more stuff. It can sometimes feel like a “treadmill of achievement” from which there seems to be no escape. But as surfers we know that real stoke has not to do with the quantity of waves we catch (nor their size), but rather, the quality of our appreciation and how joyful, while riding them, we allow ourselves to become. 

It’s all about the stoke. There’s nothing you need to do, be, have or accomplish in order to experience this feeling. If you’re a surfer, or just a conscious person, then you’ve already arrived. I hope our tiny wooden waves serve to remind you that pure joy is your nature and you can tap it anytime. Whenever you need a reminder, just look down the barrel of your Tiny Desk Wave, and it will all come back ; ) 


Ben Ahrens

Wave Maker